We’re gonna be dressing sexy yet staying classy so you guys you might not you might not even like this article I’m not I’m not sure I do I don’t I don’t even like the words but some people like to dress you know more attractive more alluring more desirable but stay classy so that’s what this video is going to be doing I have a lot of ways and I feel like they’re really good ways.

Best Dressing Styles for Females

I don’t have the exact number normally I’m very good about numbers but I really think if you want to dress sexy yet stay classy you will enjoy this video so let’s change our clothes because I don’t think this is gonna work and let’s get started but subscribe first that’s always great to definitely do that first then we’ll then we’ll continue on okay I’m back don’t know how to be serious with this video okay serious all right so my very first point is to OB this is we’re building the foundation here okay this is just the foundation we’ll work off everything after this first you want to have 70% conservative miss on you so 70% you are you’re covered you’re covered 70% of the time 30% that’s what you want to be the revealing part so you want to leave a lot of your body to be desired to to be hidden to be left to the imagination and then 30% it can be your legs and be your arms it could be some of your chest 30% can be revealed and that’s just a very nice balance but you want most of your body to be covered the next way to look sexy is to wear something sheer and I feel like a lot of people probably wear sheer tops and they’re not trying to be sexy yet they are it’s like their skin you know it’s in there you see that skin but you’re not exposing it it’s still covered it’s still left a little bit to the imagination

I’ll probably show you some other examples that I’m trying on right now this is a great way to be sexy my next point has to do with creating an S & S with your body so I am wearing undergarments I did I did put on a shirt cuz I don’t want to show you too much but what I recommend buying for this trick are high-waist shaping shorts and this is what they look like guys they’re kind of weird but they work magic so the S shape is the universal shape that is just very attractive to our eye naturally and so this pulls you in here to create a nice like small waist and then it goes a little bit out and then it’s back in so it’s literally an S and that stands for sexy not really but we’re gonna make it that way so anyway I will link those down below they look so good pretty much under anything a lot of people love wearing this under dresses to create that beautiful silhouette you could obviously wear them under jeans short like literally anything probably not shorts you don’t want these sticking out but yeah there’s just a great piece to have again I will link my favorites down below you should just try it out my next point is to show an unexpected body part yes show an unexpected body part so my favorite is definitely the back I also really like the tops of your thighs you can do that with long boots and a nice dress I also like ankles ankles are underrated that’s a sexy body part and then also your shoulders I love off-the-shoulder tops very very sexy yet classy that’s the key sexy yet classy my next trick is to wear lace

you’ve probably seen that many of my other examples that actually have to do with other tricks still have lace on them lace is a very intriguing material I don’t really even know why but there’s something good about it so I love tank tops you can do it with skirts you can do it with dresses you can do it in a multitude of way but it’s a great fabric it’s very sexy and that’s about it yeah I feel like that’s a pretty pretty brief point the next point is to wear something masculine with a touch of feminine so I’m wearing an oversized blazer probably too oversized but it’s still masculine and then underneath I’ve got a satin tank top it’s very very silky and nice and then faux pants actually these are real pants I mean full leather pants and you know it shows off my curves and then a masculine jacket it’s it’s a nice juxtaposition is that a word it is yes it’s a nice balance opposites attract masculine and feminine so those are my ways to look sexy yet classy.

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