In this very busy world, who on earth doesn’t wish to save time on performing the daily chores? There has been a sumptuous revolution of convenient methods to almost each and every section of health care and fashion these days. We have heard about the methods of eyeliner embroidery, eyebrow embroidery etc. But what’s new and in the trend?  The process of Lip Embroidery looks the real deal these days for the women. Not every woman is born with glossy and nubile lips. So she definitely desires a proper, time-saving as well as a convenient way of maintaining her lips no matter what. Gone are those days where a woman keeps on putting the lipstick again and again due to certain interruptions of the function of the lips. Lip embroidery provides natural beauty with no need of additional makeup. It’s a semi-permanent makeup process which is efficiently helping in shaping the lips of a woman into the desired/perfect look.

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Here are 5 peculiar things about LIP EMBROIDERY process you might want to know about:

Lipsticks are generally proven to be substandard and adverse for the lips and lead to decline in health. Certain pigments which are present in them tend to increase the level of lead of the lips which results in serious risk of ramification of a threat like Cancer.

On comparison, we find that lips embroidery is pretty much a healthier option as it a process which involves biocompatible chemicals. The use of these chemicals guarantees safety and it is not toxic to the human tissues.


Application of lipsticks on a daily basis means giving a warm welcome to the world of viruses. These viruses have the ability to survive weeks on the lipsticks due to the presence of various waxes and proteins in them. The process of Lips Embroidery is carried out with the help of a machine and a small needle at the end, where each needle is used only once. Moreover, every needle is sterilized for each customer. So it can be inferred that this processes is so much hygienic and health-friendly. It certainly is.

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The flexible process of lips embroidery might be semi-permanent but you can very much rely on its ability to last for nearly 3-5 years. This is enormous if we compare with the lipsticks, which at maximum last 2-3 hours without fading. This long lasting ability helps save both money as well as more precious time you’ve. Can something else be more economic?!

Lip embroidery is carried out with the use of a mechanical pencil along with a needle at the end which is used only once to meet the hygiene demands. This flexible process is performed after the application of a paralyzing cream to the entire lips. So there exists no room for any sort of pain as well. What you have to do is to just relax and sit back and let the required professionals weave their magic and not worry about any pain.

You’ll see at the very beginning, after the method is carried out, the lips tend to grow darker and extremely drier. Do not panic. It will just take a matter of days before the original color begins to show itself. The dead skin will be removed off the lips and all you are going to get is beautiful, gentle, perfectly shaped soft lips. Also in order to scuttle this procedure, you might use certain moisturizing lip balm or other stuffs.


We see that the desired shape of the lips can be chosen with the application of this phenomenal process. Its relative extent of flexibility is just what raises the eyebrows of the people. This process provides alteration of the lips, which includes shape and color. So all you women out there, what are you waiting for? Go through these above mentioned peculiar stuffs about lip embroidery and start adopting this as soon as possible. It has been a marvelous revolution in this very busy world.

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