Review on Aliexpress Makeup Brushes

Hi everyone! I’m going to be reviewing some Amazon brushes and some Aliexpress brushes I’m so excited because I definitely always wanted to do like an aliExpress little haul and amazon little haul I’m just like everyone who’s trying to look for affordable makeup brushes especially eyeshadow brushes because I’ve been trying to find some low price that I shadow brushes because a lot of them are very high priced and I’m just like oh I just wanna test up some that are a little pressed I’m here for you and I’m going to show you awesome low affordable brushes that I got at blending brushes and this full face makeup brushes that you can definitely use.

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We’re going to go with the first set of brushes that I have here now this brush that I got from Amazon this is the Andrew makeup brush set that has 16 pieces in it and it was the cruelty free which is always good but I got on Amazon for $in Canadian so this same brush set is way less if you’re paying in USD so it’s probably $15 USD but I’m definitely going to link the links down below so you all can look at the prices they’re affordable brush sets but there’s some kind there’s some cons I’m definitely going to talk about throughout this video the shipping was so fast I loved it supervised and the packaging was so cool it was like a nice it looked kind of luxurious like the Box kind of look luxurious I would say get it look after threw it out it took out my recycling I should see if the box for this reveal but it was really nice block when you take this out of the box one thing I can let you know but it has a very strong scent so definitely I would recommend watching these brushes just so you can have that scent and gone from your brushes and just a factory smell set it’s not anything horrible but it’s really strong so before doing this video I definitely wanted to try out how the brushes were so that’s why I wanted the brushes you saw purple because it still has making fun isn’t this brush specifically because I was using it for powder on my face to brush it off the powder on my face look at this this price is off I try to scroll this down squeeze the stock on but this broke off it’s not coming off now because I probably twist it back on correctly but and throw this whole thing fell off so that’s something that you have to keep in mind but I can tell you they’re not the softest brushes but they are soft they’re just not the softest I probably I felt softer brushes that means before they’re not hard or anything like that but I felt softer okay so I’m gonna go in and start using some of these brushes for my makeup I didn’t tell you become packaged individually in their own wrappers so the only thing that I wish they had or this brush set is named on the brush okay before I’m starting my makeup.

I’m going to be showing you these aliexpress brushes I wanted blending brushes that was the one main thing I actually went shopping online for was blending brushes because I needed a lot of blending brushes for my eyeshadow ask you that these are always first day it was a dollar sixth I’m gonna link it all down below it’s a mouse how I feel about these brushes okay so these brushes took a month to come in first oh okay I’m happy that they came number one I’m happy for more blending brushes but they’re really long and look how long the hairs of the blending brushes it’s really long it’s very very long but when I was using them on my face it was so flimsy as in the sense that I felt like it was not blending properly that’s what anything and to be a winner for this one is not as no it’s the same thing but I feel like it’s because how long my hairs are in every stop brushes these long but maybe six I’ve got two packs of these last brush that I bought was this highlighter brush and this is from the aisle express vendor sunflower such a cute name but I thought this for highlighting because I was like you know what why don’t you just stop using a hand not to use a highlighting brush this is how it looks again if you have the same packaging but this is so soft and it says that it’s for highlighting or blending contour I don’t know and people and contours with this but this would be perfect thing the thickness is okay what do you all think do you think the thickness is okay having a thin eyebrow brush is so important I have concealed in my hair how does that even okay well the concealer is staying in my hair till near the end of the video and I’m taking it out but then I am brow brush it’s really good definitely recommend this is really good to to blend out okay we can now proceed onto the eyes I’m going to be using both aliexpress brushes and the Andrew brushes just so you can see how they both look okay I’m going to set my eyes with this aliexpress blending brush I’m just gonna put the eyeshadow the brush is so flimsy but these since they’re so flimsy I feel like they have no density to them they just go ed like you want the brush to go here and no go the opposite way or you wanted to go here and opal the opposite way again I would rate these probably a 4 out of 10 because of how flimsy they are I’m going to go in with one of the nd brushes and I’m just going to start off with my Revlon brushes do pick up product and wait to blend this out with another AliExpress blending brush right here and I’m just going to blend all that edges ok I’m going to go in with another Andrew Amazon basically brush and I wish I had the name to tell you which you think I don’t they don’t have beans on that when you’re using the brushes especially this not the skinnier brushes the smaller brushes in comparison to this one as you’re removing the brushes backing for it it sounds like and it feels like it’s going to great and it’s concerning because we’re going to be washing the brushes right let me show you the difference so this is the Amazon brush that’s supposed to be on the eye and then this is the Aliexpress when I found this skinnier ilex brush brush that would look good this will work good for creases so I’m going to use I oh yeah after hours of blending I literally have to go into the Amazon and brush that and use the blending brushes to try and blends out because that on AliExpress brushes were just not fitting in so I was like how come this brush set doesn’t have one of those flat brushes to put on shimmers and pigment but they do and they have them in different sizes there’s this size and then there is this smaller size

I feel like this is for lips to be honest but I don’t really use brushes for millets I usually just use these for when I want to get precision and then there’s this one one as we if you’re looking for a foundation brush you will have one you’re going to have to use your be blender or your foundation brush and I use the foundation brush to put on my makeup today I didn’t want to use a beauty blender since we’re I’m using brushes for this whole entire tutorial okay now I’m going to go in with this little shimmer but as you can see this is how it looks sometimes you can use the brushes to put some shimmers Amazon set is the rose gold one and then the Aliexpress set is the gold gold runner so right now I’m using the rose gold one which is the Amazon so I’m using the Amazon a flat brush here and I’m going to use it to put the concealer underneath my eyes it’s good for covering a wide area and a short amount of time too but that’s really how it works there anything I can blend this out with I’ll use this flat brush flat top honestly since there’s no name on any of these brushes use them as how you want to you whatever you think they might work for just use it oh there’s something in this brush that heard just gonna go with my Beauty Blender okay now I’m using the angled brush from the Amazon set and I’m going to contour with it this is actually not bad I kind of like it I wish to breast brush that came with brushes that could blend that means easily there are these three powder brushes from the Amazon brush set so I’m going to use these two first a smaller one and then this older shape when I flip this over shape one would be perfect front under the eye this one going to be perfect just for a run here and then when it’s time to brush off everything I would use this bigger brush I’m telling you these things break easily really I’m getting poked by the hairs and it’s not a comfortable poke it’s uncomfortable I think you’re damaging my skin type of Bowl yeah this brush is probably the softest brush so far this is the smaller one else that I’m going to go in with a small brush so these are one of the smaller brushes in the Amazon set and I’m going to go underneath my eyes okay so now I’m going to set my face if like I look really ashy while that’s setting in we’re going to go with our eyeliner brush I’ve been dying to use this because this is so soft it’s precise I would say somewhat okay so the brush is really really soft really soft I like how it applies highlight I just really I have to go in again to just blend out okay so that’s it for today’s video let me know down below in comments or just think to yourself whether you’ll buy these brushes or not and you’ve seen how everything turned out but overall what I can say is definitely gives Amazon brush that a try definitely had a lot of brushes that you can use here and there so that made little hook your skin a little bit here and there but overall it does I’m going to be using some of the these brushes from the sound operating teens all them but I do like the door Ginza so definitely give them a try for that Aliexpress blending brushes I don’t really recommend them I mean you can try the office they’re only a dollar or I really like when my brushes goal okay

I wanted to go with gently all over the place and those brushes are just really flimsy so I wouldn’t working and then for the highlight brush I really like the highlighting brush because it just works with all the social sauce doesn’t fade I’m definitely going to be using the highlighting brush.