Today, we’ll be trying out some Japanese beauty products. Okay, let’s try this out! So this is the facial foam that got super popular online and actually, the selling point is not so much the foam itself, but the way it dispenses it. So let me show you, so pretty!

Okay so here you’ve got two handles, and you’re supposed to push. Oh my God! No… Don’t waste this. Look, the petals, the petals. So I think you have to press lightly. Let’s give this another shot okay. Oh my god. This is so beautiful. Okay, now I’m gonna try this again. The beauty of this just makes me want to cry. I know I’m like totally over reacting to a face wash.

But you know? Can you imagine everyday you press your face wash, and out comes this rose? And the foam is so firm, it just stays, it stays there. To test this thing of beauty, to see how it is as a face wash, I’m going to wash this part of my face. It’s actually quite a nice foaming facial wash because sometimes it really like they just strip your skin completely. For me, this is feeling quite soft actually, like baby soft. Okay, so the thing about this product right, it’s like the amount that it dispenses.

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Okay, if you do too little you don’t really get the rose shape. You do too much it’s like a waste of product. So, you just gotta get it just right. But I think it’s quite okay like it takes awhile to get used to but it’s doable. I’ll rate this like a 9 out of 10. Actually I also don’t know. Because I feel like I cannot give it a 10.

But I feel like it’s a 10 out of 10 because it’s so pretty! It’s just so beautiful and the face wash works and you know it just takes awhile for you to get used to how much you want to dispense but like, that’s a 10.

So nose inserts are not new, but apparently, these are made specifically for Japanese nostrils because the other ones were too uncomfortable for them. Okay, let’s try this out. So these are the inserts and this is to remove them for when the time comes. It feels so invasive! You know what I mean like this is a very private part you know, your nostrils. Okay, let’s give this a shot! So I’m supposed to do this and then… there we go. Okay, that’s where it’s supposed to be. Okay, let me try the other side and see whether… I… It keeps feeling like it’s going to just shoot up my nostrils, you know what I mean? Like if I move too much that it will just move out of the way.

Guys… I always wanted to know what I look like with a sharper nose, and I’m pretty sure that this is it. I quite like this effect, this is quite interesting. It feels like two toothpicks in my nose, but it’s like cushion at the ends. You know what I can say quite safely say that you can’t tell there’s something in my nose. You know why? Because it’s black! And your nostril is like a hole anyway, right? So right now I see this, even I can like… I’m a bit like, “Oh no, how am I gonna take this off because I can’t see it!” So comfort level is kind of like you know when you wear falsies, like you know there’s something there but it’s not terribly uncomfortable and after a while, you probably get used to it. Although I’m just a little bit conscious about moving too much because I’m so afraid that it’ll just like get lost.

Okay, so this one has turned completely in. So it does turn if you move too much Let me just take this out. That’s uncomf… Oh, that’s very uncomfortable. I need tweezers. Will it get lost in my nose? It’s tickling my nose, it’s making me… Oh… Okay. Guys, this is hilarious. Let me take out the other side before it does the same thing as this one. I can’t even cry on cue, now I know how.

It made my nose run non-stop, that was so funny. It really works in that… once you get it in the right position, it really makes your nose sharper. Either you take awhile to get used to how it is in your nose so you know what kind of movements it can do and cannot do It’s very unglamorous to… like be adjusting it in public, like you know what I mean? You know? Or you… even if you bring this thing… What are you doing? Oh just picking my teeth. But actually you’re picking your nose! You know and you just… And then what if you put this in and you pull out something else. Also not very nice right? But, other than that. I think it’s quite an amazing idea and the fact that it was actually not… uncomfortable. Uncomfortable when it was in place, it’s quite magical. If only they could find a way to secure this thing.

So I would give this like a… 8 i guess? This is the Kose Lip Gel Magic. Now this is a lip gel that supposedly turns any non matte lipstick into a transfer proof lipstick. Okay, so first I’m gonna apply some lipstick. So normally when I use this, I take extra care to not you know, eat or anything because it’s not here for its long wearing power, let’s just say that. But it’s very pretty! So this is like a gel. Slightly powdery kind of texture once it dries.

So now we try the cup test and see if it transfers. Wow. So there’s a very slight transfer, but like nothing like how it is normally. Now I’m gonna try to eat some noodles because you know with the oil and then that movement of like eating the noodles, like sometimes it just removes lipstick. It’s still there! I almost cannot believe it. Is it my eyes are playing tricks on me? Okay, so I’ve already eaten. Now I’ve got some oil on my lips. I’m just gonna blot the tissue and see if any it transfers. It came out but do notice how like the centre, where most of the product was is quite clear. It’s like just the outline on my lips and the colour is still quite present. I’m very impressed with this. I was not expecting it to work, so well, okay Okay, I would give this an 8 out of 10 because it didn’t become completely transfer proof and if you compare it to like you know the matte lipsticks, I think it’s still not quite there although the great thing about this is that it maintains the gloss or the shine that you want.

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This is the Kinka Gold Leaf Eye Mask. So, it’s made of 24k gold, and it’s supposedly very luxurious. This is interesting 24k gold, on my face? Really? So now I’m just gonna try on one eye and see if it starts to sparkle like a gold leaf. This is the gel so you can see like little gold flakes inside the essence, so I’m gonna take this and put under my eye Okay, so now I’m going to put this on and I’m supposed to leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes. Okay, so it’s been about 15 minutes so now I’m going to remove the top part and then massage the rest of the leaf into my face It’s supposed to come out on my face.

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No, gold leaf you cannot run away. Just gonna squeeze you in I don’t care. Hey, this gold leaf is very expensive one you know. I’m not gonna throw this away. I’m going to get all of it. It’s not coming off so I’ll take you off myself. Get on my face! Don’t stay on my finger, my finger needs no help! and then I get some water to dissolve it. And I’m gonna rub it in. I’m just really shiny. Okay, I change my mind, you can get off my face now It’s just not really absorbing.

It’s just bits of gold everywhere, basically is just gold everywhere. My skin does feel a bit firmer that’s for sure. It’s still got like a tacky kind of feeling. Okay there’s not a huge difference after this one use I must say it is quite exciting though the thought of like having a 24k gold mask at home, but I I’m not sure. It feels a bit gimmicky to me. So I would give this like a 6.5 out of 10 because the whole process was just slightly messy, and then also it kind of like didn’t come off in a sheet which is like… hello?? That’s what your picture says! Like just draw on little patches and I’ll accept that you know, but like… it’s not, you draw a whole gold leaf so it should come off right.

Am I asking for too much? So this is the cleansing powder from Kanebo. It’s to wash your face. They say that it retains the moisture but also exfoliates as it washes. It’s so cute people, look at it’s size! So I’ve tried cleansing powder before but you never really know how much to use. You know sometimes you overpour or you underpour but this is just nice. When you do this it actually feels like a little bit coarse. Okay, so now we try with some water. Okay, so now I’m gonna wash my face. Okay, I think this is interesting because they say it’s exfoliating right but I literally cannot feel anything like exfoliating. That means it should be quite gentle. It’s more of a milky texture than it is like a soapy one. Like it doesn’t lather very much as you can see but as I wash it off, It definitely doesn’t feel like drying. Like I see what they mean that it maintains the moisture. 8 out of 10.

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