today we’re gonna be talking about cleansing the face, pretty straightforward right, take off
the grime, take off the dirt with a simple cleanser,
and you’re good to go, well actually it’s not that easy,
and it’s not that simple, because there are so many
products out there, have you ever walked through the aisles or
go to stores even when you’re online, you see all these products, different types of facial cleansers to clean your face, to wash your face, to take off the makeup,
and you’re like what are all these for, what is best for sensitive skin ,what is best
for oily skin, what is best for dry skin, because let’s be real, at the end of the day, all we want is for our skin to be
nice and silky and smooth, and the first and most important step is actually
cleansing, because if you don’t cleanse properly, you’re stuck with the grimes and the oils that
are just stuck on your face from the day

Best Facial Cleansers in Singapore

if you don’t really buff it away
with a good cleanser, this is what causes acne, what causes
irritation and inflammation on the skin. So today we’re gonna talk about six products,
how well they take off makeup, how well it cleans your face,
how well they work, and if it can actually take off
the day’s grime, so that it will prevent you from
breaking out, which product is the best, we’re going to explore things
like micellar water, things like cleansing oils, gel
cleansers, cleansing balms. So before we jump in, make sure you’ve liked,
make sure you’ve subscribed to our channel, so every time we come out with a new video,
you learn something new, and make sure all notification is on. Cleansing oil this is my favorite one, because I feel like with oily skin and a person
who wears a lot of waterproof makeup, this is just one of those that work the best,
so how does it actually work, oils in the product bind with other oil-based
residue that’s on your skin, like sebum SPF foundation and soot, which
is like pollutants on your skin, water-based cleanses aren’t actually capable
of removing these oil-based debris, because oil and water don’t mix, so what the
cleansing oil does is that it will emulsify when it comes in contact
with water on your face, and sometimes when you start
rubbing it into the skin, it can turn into a milky texture,
and then can be easily rinsed off, and a tip to wash it off is with
lukewarm water and not cold, so you’re not left with that oily
greasy film on your face, so people with combination or oily, it’s actually one of the best things
that you can also use, so this is how you typically
use cleansing oils. First you want to take one to two pumps
of the cleansing oil in your palm, and then you want to massage it in
between your hands for a bit, and then you want to really gently
rub it over your entire face, and what this is gonna do is really slowly
but surely break down everything, and I feel like if you have high coverage
foundation, if you have a lot of eye shadow, if you have liquid liner, it just really
gently breaks down everything, and then once you feel like
it’s all broken down. I’ll take like one swipe of water,
and then kind of emulsify it first, so if you’ve done it right, you should
really feel that everything is off. So for the pros, oil cleansers effectively dissolve
dirt and makeup without leaving the skin feeling tight, and makes your skin glow, it also contains
antioxidants and anti-aging ingredients, hydrating and soothing the skin
with essential fatty acids.Fatty acids, fatty acids Alright so the biggest con with cleansing oils
is that it’s not the only and final step, once again this is where
double cleansing came in, because this is the first step in
the double cleansing process. If you don’t wash it away after,
you’ll be left with clogged pores, and things like under
the eye that build up, like milia or this could cause breakouts if you
don’t probably cleanse it away, so here are some cleansing oils that we love. There’s Shu Uemura Skin Purifier, the Boscia Makeup-Breakup Cool Cleansing
and the Tatcha Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil, so naturally following on from the cleansing
oil is the second step of the double cleansing process, and that’s using a liquid cleanser. So the three main liquid cleansers are gel
cleansers milky or cream cleansers foam cleansers. So what are the differences
between each of them. So for gel cleansers are typically clear and
generally designed for deep cleansing, effective at decongesting clogged pores,
removing excess oil, and killing acne causing bacteria thanks to their
antiseptic and exfoliating properties. So it gives the skin a deep cleanse,
if you’re on the oilier side, gel cleansers are perfect for you and pro tip,
you can use it in the morning, so that you feel nice and fresh and
clean for the whole day. Alright so moving on to creamy or milky cleansers,
these ones are really good for dry skin people because they are full of botanical
oils and emollients that are there to nourish the skin. Because gel cleanses
can be a little bit more stripping than milky cleansers which are once again
designed for drier skin. And for foam cleansers they
generally start out in gel or cream form but when you press it out, it
comes out as a foam, they can be a little harsh since
they’re made to slightly dry out the skin, so naturally it’s best for people
with oily acne prone or teenage skin. So one of the biggest things that you want
to find with liquid cleansers is what it’s actually targeting or doing for your skin, so if you have acne, you have to find
products with salicylic acid, if you have dry skin, you’ll want to
find ingredients that have more oils that have more emollients have more humectants so that it can draw moisture and leave the skin barrier really comfortable
even after you have cleansed so the only downside with these
liquid cleansers is that some of them do contain harsh
chemicals that could strip your skin completely bare of all the good oils
that you want to keep there. so just be careful be mindful and read the
ingredients to know what’s good for your skin Alright the liquid cleansers that Ro and
I both really loving and have both tried and tested is the Matcha
Hemp Hydrating gel cleanser, it’s a jelly consistency, and it feels really good,
and leaves kind of like a tingling feeling on the skin, it just feels really like hydrating,
but also another one is from Fresh, it’s this Soy Face Cleanser. and this cleanser is actually really gentle
and can be used for any skin type which is really good, the only downside
is that it is a little bit more expensive. You can also find a lot of good ones in the
drugstore as well, I remember for the longest time I used to
use a lot of Neutrogena, a lot of Clean and Clear when I had more
like reactive skin, and they do a really good job, kind of what it’s supposed
to do, clean away your skin, and purify your pores. Moving on to my micellar water, what is it, how does
it work, and why is it everywhere, if you guys haven’t seen the Bioderma bottle with a
pink cap, where have you guys been, because that’s basically what put micellar waters
on the map, so the two essential ingredients in micellar water is the first one water of course and the second is surfactants what are surfactants you ask surfactants are a molecule that kind of looks
like a tadpole with a head that’s attracted to water and a tail that’s attracted
to oil and grease, normally oil and water don’t like each other, and they just kind of sit on top of each other, but the surface of our skin actually has both of these substances, but the thing is surfactants are actually happy in both water and oil, so it won’t divide and it won’t repel each other like oil
and water normally would. And it combines together. Basically just imagine
when you put micellar water on a cotton pad, the heads attached to the cotton pad, and the tails are pointing up
ready to absorb oily makeup, so there’s this awesome oil
loving layer on top of your cotton pad to dry out sebum grease and dirt which are all oily or attached to oils, so this
is perfect to use at the end of the day, so because it only form that one layer of tails
that are pointing up and that draw oils you will need maybe two or three depending
on how much makeup you wear to really get it all away some people can just end their cleansing
process by using micellar water but others can’t because this surfactant because sodium lauryl sulfate for example
can be a strong irritant but not all surfactants are made equal and some people don’t react to it at all so what we would suggest is that if you feel any
type of dryness or itching or uncomfort. I would just kind of wash
it away just to be safe. To use soak a cotton pad with micellar
water and gently wipe your face because of the ponytails you actually
don’t have to press too hard you can just let the micellar
water to do the work itself and work the magic itself, just hold it over your eye
for a bit, and then this will really kind of like a magnet just draw all the makeup and the oils that are on
your eye, and then after like 5 10 seconds then you can start kind of massaging it even a minute or two, and to let it fully dissolve,
so it’s a less rubbing and more just if you have that patience, the good thing is that it’s generally suitable
for all skin types because it is very neutral and gentle anyone can use it, also generally inexpensive,
so you can go to your local drugstore I think CVS and Duane Reade, both drugstores
carry these fancy French brands now The only downside of micellar water is you
actually need cotton pads to be able to use it, you can’t just splash on
your face and wash it off, let’s be real who doesn’t have
enough for cotton pads, that’s a worthy investment of $2. our recommendations for micellar
waters are Bioderma Sensibio H2O there’s also Derma E Vitamin C Micellar
Cleansing Water and also the Garnier All-in-one. Facial wipes this one’s pretty
straightforward it’s pretty much a disposable
cloth soaked in soap moist towelettes soap towel, lips nose best friend but it shouldn’t be think of facial wipes that’s something
that does a really good job at smearing the dirt and the bacteria and
the makeup just across your face while getting off a little bit of makeup as well so most towelettes or most facial wipes are
actually saturated with a lot of cleansing agents and oils some of them have oils in them and this is supposed to break down the
debris and the dirt and the grime all that’s stuck in your pores but the thing is it doesn’t actually take
it away from your pores it’s the cleansing action afterwards is what actually wash it away. This is how we suggest you
use facial wipes use it to gently wipe your face be very gentle especially
around the eye area of your whole body under the eye
is actually where there’s no pores and it’s the thinnest consistency so it’s most prone to wrinkle and also as you’re wiping your face remember your hairline
and your jawline because sometimes that’s
where we can forget and that’s where we will break out so the best thing about facial wipes is
obviously that it’s super inexpensive you can pick it up from any drugstore and some of them say it’s like for sensitive
like Burt’s Bees has sensitive ones more waterproof ones which I guess
have a little bit more alcohol and a little bit more oils in it to
kind of break it down so I guess you just have to find
one that’s suitable for your skin type so for the con, sadly nothing
in life comes this easy nothing can be this convenient and this is simple and still be good yeah wipes contain preservatives which are used
to prevent bacteria from growing on the moist towelettes and the chemicals aren’t
good for your skin alcohol found in wipes can also
dry out and irritate your skin excessive rubbing can cause
low-grade inflammation and lead to skin pigmentation and wrinkle and here are some of the facial
wipes that we’ve personally used and that we like as well there’s the Burt’s Bees, I like the grapefruit
one because I just love grapefruit and simple skincare is also really well
known for their minimal ingredients so there’s nothing too alcoholy or
fragrancy and it’s just simple and then there’s also the Neutrogena one
that’s in the blue packaging, and that’s also really good at breaking down waterproof
makeup more than the other two I find alright moving onto cleansing balm so a lot of people ask what
is a cleansing balm to understand it really simply it’s kind of the same as a cleansing
oil but in a solidified version so it still has a lot of botanical oils it has antioxidants and it’s a
really soft kind of a balm but the only difference is that yes you have to
scoop it out of a container with your fingers and then massage it onto your face and then that’s when it kind of melts with
the heat of your hands and on your face and becomes an oil would you say it’s more heavy
duty than cleansing oils yeah so the best cleansing balms
supposedly you can use it take away all your makeup
let it melt do its magic just wipe it off and then you’re good for the pros cleansing balms do a really good
job at removing heavy duty makeup and it simultaneously cleans your face
moisturizes dry patches and removes makeup and lathers your face with good oils and it’s perfect for winter time
wintertime dryness Wintertime wintertime dryness. so the ones that we love are the
Eborian Solid Cleansing Oil, the Heimish All Clean Balm and
also the Farmacy Green Clean good old bar soaps did you know bar soaps
are a very controversial topic subject within the beauty industry team bar or team no bar so the reason why it’s kind of controversial
is team no soap believes that it’s unhygienic it strips your face of pores because there’s
a lot of drying ingredients and that is just all around
in fear to liquid soap so I think the general understanding is that
it was kind of like an old-age thing like a bar of soap for your body and it shouldn’t be used on your face because it does have that effect it strips too much of your
natural skin oils away so there is a new generation of facial soaps
that will keep your skin nice and fresh and clean and soft by using a natural
and moisturizing ingredients but the biggest con for me skipping
straight to the cons is one it’s a little bit annoying to
have fumble through a bar of soap either having it like how do you
even put it on your vanity and how do you put it in your shower if you are to use it like it’s just kind of annoying but also I wouldn’t say
I would spend more than five dollars because it’s a bar of soap true but in defense of the humble soap I feel like I need to defend it a little I have been using this charcoal
facial soap from Japan and it’s actually really really frothy and hydrating and it does a really good job of taking out all the pores where do you put it on my face like how do you store it You put it on a dish tray a little cute marble a dish tray
that I got from Target okay yes it can be a little more hassle but it is more eco friendly it’s
easier to travel with there’s zero mess but how do you travel with it you put it in a plastic bag like this this is said charcoal soap so the first thing to do is to wet your
hands and then lather the soap so that you get the foam on your hand and then you put it on your face okay how do I knew do I just rub
this soap on my face

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No no that’s why again it’s kind of like
using the foam there to wash your face so the two soaps we recommend one is the Dove Beauty Bar it’s
about two three dollars it’s like the go-to soap and the charcoal soap
that I use is the Pelican Deitanseki, it is my favorite so given everything we just said the best way to wash your face is gonna
vary from person to person so for me I have dehydrated
dry and combo skin and what I found works best for me
during the summertime is usually bar soaps so the charcoal soap that I mentioned
as well as liquid cleansers and then for the wintertime that’s
where oil and the balms work a lot better because my skin is literally parched and dying okay so for me I have combination
oily and sensitive skin and what works best is obviously
the cleansing oil like I said back in that portion it just does the best because I do wear a lot of makeup
especially when I film like today and it just breaks down waterproof
and foundation the best and then I like micellar waters if it’s kind
of like off to the gym after a workout it’s just a nice kind of cleansing phase but obviously you need a
good liquid cleanser and my favorite is gel
because I have oily skin and it just like feels nice so I hope you guys understand
more about cleansers there is no right or wrong it kind of is just working out which
one was best for your skin and also personal preference like sometimes
you just like the feeling of something more milky or something more fluffy
kind of like shampoo I don’t like shampoo that
doesn’t froth and lather but then the ones that froth are
not the ones that are best for you because there’s sodium lauryl sulfate know your skin know what you like and then you can kind of find
products just suit.

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